Rplate Pro California Preorder

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Shipping Spring 2019

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1 x Rplate License Plate with LTE   + $400.00
1 x Subscription Term 1 Year - Annual   + $99.00
1 x License Plate Pro Features with Telematics   + $300.00

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Rplate Pro California Preorder
Rplate Pro California Preorder

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    The World's First Digital License Plate

    Order now and receive free shipping and one full year of digital servicee. It's our way of thanking you for your interest.

    We will schedule your installation service once the order processes.


    • Rplate Pro Digital License Plate with Telematics ($700 value)
    • One Year Subscription ($99 value)
    • Free Shipping ($25 value)
    • Professional Installation Voucher ($200 value)

    Functional License Plate

    The Rplate is a fully functional license plate and is compliant with state standards*. At 6″ x 12″, the Rplate replaces the traditional rear license plate on most vehicles.

    * The Rplate is currently available in CA and AZ.

    Safe and Secure

    The Rplate provides custom tamper-proof mounting and built-in anti-theft features.

    On Road Visibility

    With a crisp, bright screen, the Rplate Pro is easily discernible in all weather conditions.

    More Information
    Product Subtitle Shipping Spring 2019

    The Rplate is currently available in CA and AZ, with many more states coming soon.

    If you have purchased an Rplate and have questions regarding registration or (tax) exemptions unique to your state, please contact your state agency. 

    • Rplate Digital License Plate
    • One Year Subscription
    • Free Shipping
    • Professional Installation Voucher